Our technical service
A priority factor
Maximum customer satisfaction is without doubt at the heart of Emmegigroup's company mission. In this, customer service plays an important role. The work of the technical team is aimed at helping window and door manufacturers optimize their work by achieving the highest possible levels of quality and quantity performance from the equipment acquired. Each customer is assisted during the commissioning phase, then helped to meet standards established for the machining center according to the company's specific production requirements. Useful information is provided on machining new profiles, such as how to set speed and positioning parameters. A free call center is always available for requests with rapid response times.
Service is one of Emmegigroup's core strengths
Emmegigroup is aware that in technologically-advanced sectors, the service component takes on a pivotal role in customer satisfaction. We have formed a wide-ranging and diversified service system based on the expectations of companies who operate in the aluminum machining sector. Using the most advanced technologies, Emmegigroup is always by your side to help you optimize your product.
On-site assistance
Following the customer call, the technical staff immediately procures the necessary parts and travels to perform the repair work in any part of the world. The vast expertise of the Emmegi specialists ensures quality service that is completely supervised by Emmegigroup. Everything, from the selection of personnel, to the replacement products, is prepared to be able to respond punctually, with speed and precision, to customer requests.
Emmegigroup products are installed and started up at the customer's location by specialized technicians who also instruct the personnel who will be using them within the customer company.
The company has a pool of technical consultants committed to training both customers and retailers. The training is organized in programs with focused, specific subject matter, with the goal of consistently updating the diverse types of operators active on the market.
Spare parts
Emmegigroup is able to promptly provide any necessary spare parts. The warehouse has a vast supply of parts (over 3,500 items) and is able to meet any type of parts request. Distributors can consult technical documentation online pertaining to the individual machines as well as the status of parts orders underway.
Technical service contracts
Emmegigroup can provide the customer with a series of additional services beyond the guarantee period in order to follow the customer's inventory of machinery as efficiently as possible

Spare parts order form

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