300  B2

Portable cutting-off machines are designed to cut small profiles and for trimming operations, practical to use both in the factory and on the job site.

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Made of Widia (mm)
Ø = 300
Local, mechanically controlled
Horizontal manual vice
Widia cutting unit
The cutting unit involves the use of widia blade tool, with manual feeding. It allows a 45° rotation to the right and to the left and a 45° inclination to the left. Moreover, it is also possible to perform trimming operations on the upper table.
300 B2 Widia cutting unit Emmegi
300 B2 Blade protection Emmegi
Blade protection
Two protection casings secure the blade in the rest position, ensuring the operator’s safety and preventing any accidental impact. When the blade is moving, the upper casing remains closed, preventing any contact during the use of the cutting off machine. When the upper table is used, the casing is lifted during the workpiece feeding movement so that only the blade part which comes in contact with the workpiece is uncovered.
Horizontal manual vice
The vice can be positioned either on RH or LH side. The profile is correctly locked in the machine by means of the positioning with completely manual adjustment.
300 B2 Horizontal manual vice Emmegi
300 B2 Composite cut Emmegi
Composite cut
The rotation of ± 45° and the inclination up to 45° can be simultaneously applied to perform a composite cut. The machine allows cutting the workpiece at intermediate angles both on horizontal and vertical axis.
Upper cutting table
The upper table allows performing a bench cut. By positioning the workpiece to be cut against the reference upper set square, the profile moves forward regularly, performing a trimming with a high level of precision.
300 B2 Upper cutting table Emmegi