BMF  3500

Hardware assembly bench. The generous work table allows handling large sashes or frames and working with any type of window/door. BMF 3500 measures the hardware, cuts it with a pneumatic shear and performs the screwing with an automatically fed screwing unit. Can be provided with a large rack for the storage hardware, 3-spindle drilling unit for cremone bolts, milling unit for cremone bolts, drilling unit for hinge holes, swarf drawer, accessory shelf and automatic glazing bead measuring system.

Technical data arrow_drop_down
Hard anti-friction PVC contact surface
Pneumatic tilting of work table from 0° (horizontal) to 12°
Adjustable work table height (mm)
875 ÷ 925
Self-centering pneumatic clamping system
Vice opening (mm)
270 ÷ 2.870
Automatic measurement of the hardware
Hydro-pneumatic shear
Automatic screwing unit on horizontal guide with laser positioning system
Variable hardware management
Horizontal milling unit running on guides with mechanical stops for feed stroke position
3-spindle drilling unit for drilling handle holes
Drilling unit for hinge holes
Automatic glass stopper measuring
Label printer
Industrial exhauster for milling unit
Hardware drawer
Scrap container
42-compartment hardware magazine
Magazine compartments for long rods
Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Weight (basic/full optional version) (kg)
500 / 1.600
Air consumption (Nl/min)
Installed power (kW)
0,50 / 3,65
Load capacity (kg)
Shear and stops
The bench is equipped with shear and stops arranged on pneumatically driven carriages with independent movement for measuring and cutting perimeter hardware.
BMF 3500 Shear and stops Emmegi
BMF 3500 Horizontal milling unit Emmegi
Horizontal milling unit
The cremone bolt milling unit runs on horizontal ways with positive stops for setting position of the feed stroke. Moreover a system of positionable stops allows setting the feed strokes on the three axes.
Three-spindle drilling unit
The drilling unit for the handle holes allows simultaneous drilling of the three holes. It can also be positioned on two axes.
BMF 3500 Three-spindle drilling unit Emmegi
BMF 3500 Automatic screwing unit Emmegi
Automatic screwing unit
The screwing unit with automatic feed runs on horizontal slideways and is provided with a laser positioning system. It also allows manual insertion of non-standard screws.
Glass stopper measuring
This device provides the exact measurement of the door glass stopper being processed. 2 reading devices provide the reading for position of the internal tightening stops. This parameter is processed by the PLC which prints the bar code label to apply to the sash, from the printer.
BMF 3500 Glass stopper measuring Emmegi

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