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This 5-axis CNC machining centre with mobile gantry is a true concentrate of technology and design that makes all the difference in the workshop and fully meets the requirements of the Industry 4.0 plan.


It precisely performs milling, drilling, threading and cutting work on large bars made of aluminium, PVC and light alloys. The remarkable innovative drive can be seen at first glance in the futuristic design, with modern, sinuous shapes (the result of the work of the Style&Design Centre). Large windows, two sliding side doors and a hinged rear door allow easy access to the inside of the cab, the heart of the machine's operations, without having to remove any panels. Safety, brightness, ergonomics and accessibility make this cab functional for all types of work, with maximum results and minimum 'dead' time. The technological features of Satellite XLE are no less impressive than its aesthetic qualities. The power of the electrospindle, with HSK-63F tool attachment, reaches up to 11kW in S1 to easily perform even heavy milling, drilling and threading operations quickly and accurately. The 18-place tool magazine is strategically located in a dedicated area at the rear of the machine to ensure maximum protection from machining swarf. There are a number of details that make the Satellite XLE machining centre unique. Among these are the robust, space-saving motorised vices that position themselves independently and in masked time to the machining processes of the electro-spindle, giving a big boost to productivity. The use of absolute reference axes reduces machine initialisation time at each restart. Also very interesting is the optional cut-and-separate function, with which several machined and separated profiles can be obtained from a single bar, without having to cut the different sections in advance. Ideal for those who want to work with efficiency and precision, Satellite XLE is a versatile machine, suitable for a wide range of applications serving companies operating in various and diverse sectors such as window and door frames, facades, construction in general, industrial automation, automotive and shipbuilding.


Great performance and productivity at the highest level!