Horizontal end milling machine with electropneumatic feed. Milling of intermediate angles, +45° / 90° / -45°. High speed of tool rotation for improved quality machining on painted profiles and at intermediate angles. Quick cutter change with pneumatic control. Scratch-proof work table. Fully guarded and sound-damped work zone with high internal visibility. The manually operated sound-proof tunnel (L=1.100 mm) reduces the noise level emitted by the machine down to about 85 dB (only in mitre milling at 90°).

Technical data arrow_drop_down
Brake motor (kW)
Tool speed (rpm)
Stroke (mm)
Vice capacity (mm)
200 x 120
Horizontal and vertical pneumatic vices with low pressure device
6-position positive indexing stop
Cutter holder sleeve (mm)
Ø = 27 / 32 x 160
Max mill (mm)
Ø = 180
Micro-mist lubrication system with water and oil emulsion
Preparation for smoke extraction connection
Base with mill holder magazine and swarf collection drawer
Profile support roller conveyor, length (mm)
Soundproof tunnel with top hatch and rear opening
Vice bench cleaning air blower
Compressed air gun for cleaning
Swarf collection
A drawer located at the bottom of the machine allows the collection of swarfs generated during machining, facilitating cleaning operations.
LILLIPUT 320 INSO Swarf collection Emmegi
LILLIPUT 320 INSO Vice group and out-of-square Emmegi
Vice group and out-of-square
Both horizontal and vertical vices are pneumatically operated with a low-pressure device. Out-of-square is managed with the ability to vary the tilt from -45° to +45° with manual handling. The position is read by graduated scale.
Positive indexing stop
The manual 6-position positive indexing stop enables 6 measurements to be set so that the workpiece can be positioned quickly, thus reducing the time of the work cycle. It is also possible to manually adjust the height of the positive indexing stop.
LILLIPUT 320 INSO Positive indexing stop Emmegi
LILLIPUT 320 INSO Rapid pneumatic change Emmegi
Rapid pneumatic change
Changing the mill assembly is done pneumatically via the control located in the control panel. This allows the mill assembly housed in the machine to be varied and ensuring the machinability of different extrusions.
Tunnel soundproofing

The machinability and support of extrusions even of considerable lengths is guaranteed by the presence of the soundproof tunnel. Placed on the side of the machine, it performs the dual function of supporting the profile and performing the machining paying special attention to acoustic comfort with reduced environmental impact in the workshop. Also equipped with an openable rear door, which allows the machinability of particularly long profiles.

LILLIPUT 320 INSO Tunnel soundproofing Emmegi
LILLIPUT 320 INSO Control Emmegi
The push-button panel on the machine control panel allows the management of: air blowing for cleaning the vice table, startup with safety switch, quick tool change.

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