Voilàp  Connect

Voilàp Connect is a cloud-based IoT platform that allows operators and production managers to monitor their machines, energy consumption and production status anywhere and in real time.

The Connect Dashboard provides secure access to the history of all machine-generated data to analyse productivity, non-conformities, alarms and downtime.

Connect allows you to quickly measure and improve production capacity, reduce consumption and waste, and predict maintenance needs.

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Real-time overview of the general conditions of each machine within the plant
Current machine status in real time: uptime, work time/downtime, etc.
Remote display of the list of active alarms on the machines
Trend creation and display of machine production efficiency
Cloud access to basic customer order status information
Creation and display of basic cloud-based production reports
Energy consumption measurement
Mobile device view mode
Measurement of compressed air consumption and filter status
SIM-based connectivity to eliminate the need to connect to the user’s network
Database security with advanced measures to protect sensitive data


Data logger
Modem 4G
Antenna 4G
Machine Supervisor
Power consumption kit
Air consumption kit
IOT service Voilàp Connect 3 years
IOT service Voilàp Connect 5 years
IOT service Voilàp Connect 10 years

Production efficiency
Voilàp Connect allows you to keep a clear overview of the tasks related to the different active jobs on your machines in order to promptly reschedule planning when necessary. It provides access to detailed information on the number of workpieces produced in order to assess machine productivity and identify any production delays or inefficiencies. To this end, it monitors any changes in machine status during the execution of each order.
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Voilàp Connect Performance monitoring Emmegi
Performance monitoring
Continuous monitoring of the working time to machine uptime ratio to improve machine utilisation planning and optimise operating efficiency.
Data security
Voilàp Connect does not use the customer’s network to connect: the machine is equipped with an autonomous LTE connection channel, via a dedicated SIM, thereby creating a private, secure and encrypted network available worldwide. This solution connects the Edge device to the AWS IoT Secure Tunneling platform, allowing diagnostics, dashboards and field service activities to be isolated from the corporate network via TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption. AWS IoT Secure Tunneling facilitates access to devices deployed behind firewalls with port restrictions at remote sites, enabling a secure connection between the machine and user’s portable or desktop devices via the AWS cloud.
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Energy consumption and energy saving
Voilàp Connect allows monitoring the energy consumed by machines on an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis. It is possible to quantify the energy consumption for the production of an individual workpiece as well as the average consumption over time of the machines, resulting in an overall monitoring of the company’s energy consumption sources. The instantaneous energy consumption [Wh] or consumption over a certain period is constantly available, in real time, and can be converted into costs easily and immediately by linking them to the quantities of workpieces produced, thus optimising operating costs and energy efficiency. By studying consumption peaks, it is possible to identify and prevent overload situations so that any preventive or corrective action can be taken.
Remote control

Voilàp Connect has a monitoring dashboard for analysing, at different times, the activity status of the machines and the production progress of the company. For each machine connected to the system it is possible to know the current status, the last order processed and its performance value. In the event of an unexpected machine downtime, it is possible to identify what happened before the downtime by accessing the log of all machine alarms at the specific moment of the downtime, in order to prevent future interventions and avoid the recurrence of similar situations. By accessing the technical information of the servomotors and inverters in the machine, it is possible to analyse torque, current and frequency values as well as their variations over time. Temperature, flow rate and pressure of the compressed air regulation system and the saturation status of the filter can also be monitored.

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