ZERO -G is a manipulator operated exclusively tire for handling of flat glass or windows in conditions of maximum safety . Through the load lifting equipment can consistently check the spatial location of the object to be moved within a large workspace . The ergonomics ensures pan and tilt rotation that make the process work quickly and flexibly. The gripping system suckers and the system of weight balance allow movement in two directions in an area of ​​a diameter up to 6,000 mm . The configuration of self standing base allows great mobility inside the plant.

Technical data arrow_drop_down
Support column mechanically anchored to the floor
“Industry 4.0” CONNECT option
Self-standing base structure
Push-button lever balancing system
Handle and controls on pneumatic sliding console
Pneumatic tilting for moving the doors from horizontal to vertical position (°)
0 ÷ 90
Pneumatic product rotation (°)
0 ÷ 90
Maximum load capacity (according to model) (kg)
200 ; 300 ; 500
Maximum working radius (according to model) (mm)
3.000 ; 4.000 ; 5.000 ; 6.000
Grip/release height (mm)
0 ÷ 1.500
Min-max height under the product for gripping and releasing on a stand (mm)
150 ÷ 400
Min-max height under the product for gripping and releasing on the bench (mm)
600 ÷ 1.000
Min-max axis height of the gripping point - vertical grip position (stand) (mm)
550 ÷ 2.150
Min-max axis height of the gripping point - horizontal gripping position (bench) (mm)
250 ÷ 1.850
Number of suction cups of gripping system
Number of excludable suction cups
Max load with suction cups excluded
Pneumatic adjustment of suction cups width
Suction cups area limit dimensions mod. 200 kg (mm)
430 x 1.700 ÷ 1.000 x 430
Area limit dimensions with 2 active suction cups mod. 200 kg (mm)
250 x 1.700 ÷ 250 x 430
Suction cups area limit dimensions mod. 300 kg (mm)
550 x 1.700 ÷ 1.100 x 550
Area limit dimensions with 2 active suction cups mod. 300 kg (mm)
300 x 1.700 ÷ 300 x 550
Suction cups area limit dimensions mod. 500 kg (mm)
800 x 1.800 ÷ 1.250 x 800
Area limit dimensions with 2 active suction cups mod. 500 kg (mm)
400 x 1.800 ÷ 400 x 800
Free ceiling height (mm)
Required pressure (bar)
Door minimum dimension (according to model) (mm)
1.200 x 400 ; 1.200 x 800
Door maximum dimension (according to model) (mm)
2.200 x 1.000 ; 2.500 x 2.000
Balancing system

The balancing system, by means of a thrust device mounted on recirculating ball bearings and linear guides, ensures perfect compensation of the vertical load in any position and along the entire stroke. Zeroing of the product weight is done by means of a preselector that is adjusted manually, or by the push-button lever balancing system (optional). The movement system is extremely smooth and fluid and, once the weight of the object is balanced, requires no effort on the part of the operator. The manipulators are equipped with parking brakes on all three axes. Once the operator has applied the brakes by acting on the appropriate control on the console, the machine remains in the position reached.

Zero-G Balancing system Emmegi
Zero-G Product gripping Emmegi
Product gripping

Product gripping is quick and easy thanks to suction cups controlled by an extremely efficient vacuum system. ZERO-G can handle different product geometries by adjusting the position of the suction cup system. The release operation always takes place under the safest conditions thanks to a special device that accompanies the product in support before allowing its complete release, thus avoiding possible accidents due to incorrect or accidental manoeuvres.

Pneumatic functions

ZERO-G allows the operator both 90° pneumatic tilting and 90° pneumatic rotation of the product independently of each other. Both functions are controlled directly from the console and are proportional in nature, thus also allowing grasping from trestles or inclined stands. In addition to the individual suction cup adjustments, for the ZERO-G 250 model there is the option to exclude, via a selector switch on the console, two of the four gripping suction cups, thus allowing the gripping of long and narrow products. To ensure safe load lifting at all times, the machine is equipped with an automatic capacity reduction system that is activated when the two suction cups are excluded, so that the operator is prevented from lifting excessive loads. An accumulation system allows you to benefit from an air reserve with which you can safely terminate load supporting operations, even in the event of a sudden lack of supply system pressure.

Zero-G Pneumatic functions Emmegi
Zero-G Ergonomics Emmegi

The unique console is ergonomic and practical in use; with controls arranged in a simple and intuitive manner, the operator feels at ease from the very first movements and is able to take full advantage of Zero-G’s potential, safely guiding the product in any direction with minimal effort. The console can slide along the handle to better adapt to situations dictated by the work cycle, allowing the operator to choose the most comfortable position while respecting work ergonomics. On the console there are controls for load gripping and release, weight reset adjustment, pneumatic tilt and rotation functions in addition to the brake selector switch.

Self-standing base
As an alternative to ground anchoring, Emmegi offers the self-standing base solution. After installation, the base manipulator system can be moved easily within the company and used in any work area where a connection to the pneumatic system is available. The self-standing base is equipped with slots for forks for easy movement by forklift.
Zero-G Self-standing base Emmegi