MOD-END RIFILA is a semiautomatic-cycle trimming machine for PVC frames with two controlled axes. It is equipped with a CN cutting unit with adjustable advancement speed.

Technical data arrow_drop_down
Number of controlled axes
X axis stroke (mm)
Y axis stroke (mm)
X axis speed (m/min)
Max. air consumption (Nl/min)
Installed power (kW)
Rated power (kW)
Blade speed (rpm)
Blade diameter (mm)
Manual frame positioning
Pneumatic frame locking system with longitudinal hold-down device
Pneumatic profile alignment and straightening device
Workpiece reference stop near the machining unit
Retractable workpiece reference side stop in proximity of the machining unit for line operation
Profile locking dimension (mm)
40 ÷ 90
Maximum machinable square dimension - outer measurement (mm)
3.000 x 2.500
Minimum machinable square dimension - outer measurement (mm)
400 x 400
Max. machinable profile height (mm)
Min. machinable profile height (mm)
Max. machinable profile width (mm)
Max. machinable flap width (mm)
Contact surfaces covered with brushes
Work surface height (mm)
CN cutting unit
The cutting unit, including an integrated trim management device, is the heart of the system. It is equipped with a suction hood and in conjunction with its own exhauster ensures optimal removal of machining scraps.
MOD-END RIFILA CN cutting unit Emmegi
MOD-END RIFILA Wide supporting surface Emmegi
Wide supporting surface
The work bench is very wide and customisable to allow the translation of even large formats. Upon request it is equipped with pneumatic bench exchange to enable on the same bench also the assembly of windows.
CN depth stop
The reference device located near the blade ensures accurate and quiet positioning of the square to be trimmed. Its adjustment range is from 0 to 70 mm. With large formats, the device automatically expands the stop dimension to ensure perfect parallelism.
MOD-END RIFILA CN depth stop Emmegi
MOD-END RIFILA Hot and cold side profile trimming Emmegi
Hot and cold side profile trimming
Machining on the cold side of the frame, a typical position coming out of an automatic corner cleaning machine, is best suited for in-line operation. With a properly equipped work bench, a series of perimeter assembly/final inspections/checks can be performed on the frame itself. Machining on the hot side allows for the best assessment of the quality level of the cleaning stage. This mode limits the machinable flap thickness to a maximum of 18 mm.
The ergonomic state-of-the-art control panel features a 10.4” touchscreen display and fully customised software and is packed with functions developed in the Microsoft Windows® environment specifically for this machine. The machining cycle can be optimised by creating cutting lists, thereby reducing scrap and cycle times for workpieces loading-unloading.
MOD-END RIFILA Control Emmegi
MOD-END RIFILA Radio barcode reader Emmegi
Radio barcode reader (Optional)

The radio barcode reader automatically recognises the piece by means of the barcode label. Any workpiece can be loaded into the machine and the machining centre automatically prepares to perform all machining operations by reading the barcode on the label applied, greatly reducing cycle times and with no possibility of error. The radio barcode reader allows to move freely into working area by performing wireless data transmission with maximum practicality for the operator.

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