Compound  Cut

Twin-head cutting-off machine with 9 controlled axes which include the automatic movement of the mobile head, electronic management of two rotation axes of the cutting units, blade feed and vertical translation of the cutting units to maximise the work area. It allows reaching angles from 45° (internally) to 22°30’ (externally) on horizontal axis and from 0 to 45° on vertical axis with decimal cutting precision. The feed of 600 mm widia blades can be carried out on two axes, optimising the cutting chart in the vertical direction, to cut profiles more than 500 mm in height and ensure an optimal adjustment of blade exit speed and stroke. The HS (High Speed) version has a higher speed X axis and all the protections required for automatic machining operations, also with the machine unattended.

Technical data arrow_drop_down
Electronic control of the X axis
X axis positioning speed (m/min)
HS version X axis positioning speed (standard) (m/min)
Y axis electronic control (blade feed)
Y axis stroke (mm)
Z axis electronic control (blade vertical movement)
Z axis stroke (mm)
Mobile head position reading with absolute magnetic strip direct measuring system
Cutting unit inclination detection with absolute encoder
Electronic control of intermediate angles
Cemented carbide blade
Blade diameter (mm)
Blade thickness (mm)
Blade motor power - L version (kW)
Blade motor power - H version (kW)
Electronic profile thickness gauge
Effective cut, according to model (mm)
5.000 / 6.000
Maximum internal inclination
Maximum external inclination
Max internal tilting angle
Maximum profile width that can be clamped (mm)
Maximum profile height that can be clamped (mm)
Standard minimum cut with 2 heads at 90° (mm)
Standard minimum cut with 2 heads at 45° externally (mm)
Standard minimum cut with 2 heads at 22°30’ externally (mm)
Minimum cut with PRO software with 2 heads at 90° (mm)
Minimum cut with PRO software with 2 heads at 45° externally (mm)
Minimum cut with PRO software with 2 heads at 22°30’ externally (mm)
Electrically operated fully enclosed front guarding
Soundproofed integral protection cabin with internal lighting
Pair of horizontal pneumatic vices with "low pressure" device
Pair of horizontal offset vices for cut <45°
Pair of horizontal vertical vices
Pair of additional horizontal vices
Roller conveyor on the mobile head with servo-controlled pneumatically operated profile supports
Additional vice for profile support on roller conveyor
Conveyor belt for step-by-step or automatic cut (HS version only)
Auxiliary support surface on mobile head
Auxiliary support surface on fixed head
Profile clamping

The machine is equipped with a system with vices that swings horizontally and, by means of horizontal hold-down devices, clamps the profile for an extremely precise cut. For vertical clamping, particularly for special cuts, the machine can be equipped with a patented system of horizontal hold-down devices. Compound Cut is equipped with a roller conveyor on the mobile head, for standard loading and unloading and intermediate pneumatic supports of the bar.

Compound Cut Profile clamping Emmegi
Compound Cut Control Emmegi
The ergonomic state-of-the-art control panel features a 10.4” touchscreen display and fully customised software and is packed with functions developed in the Microsoft Windows® environment specifically for this machine. The machining cycle can be optimised by creating cutting lists, thereby reducing scrap and cycle times for workpieces loading-unloading.
HS – High Speed
The HS – High Speed version is equipped with a faster X axis (mobile head positioning), and features an integral protection on the sides and at the back, to operate in complete safety, increasing productivity. The safety characteristics of this version, fully inaccessible during operation, allow using automatic cutting cycles, even not supervised, at maximum operational performance.
Compound Cut HS – High Speed Emmegi
Compound Cut Combined cut Emmegi
Combined cut
The inclination of each head, up to 22°30’ outwards, is obtained by means of a mechanical transmission with high-precision gear motor and brushless motor with absolute encoder. The tilting is performed by means of an electric actuator with recirculating ball screw and brushless motor. To ensure an optimal positioning, the positioning accuracy is checked upstream of the kinematic transmission chain, through a rotary absolute encoder.
Blade feed on 2 axes
The blade feed is carried out on two axes. The vertical translation, associated with the blade exit movement, increases the cutting diagram height dimension significantly, allowing for maximum use of the large diameter of the blade. The tool trajectory is managed by the software based on the cutting program, on the profile and on the head inclination.
Compound Cut Blade feed on 2 axes Emmegi
Compound Cut Label printer Emmegi
Label printer (Optional)

The industrial label printer allows each cut profile to be identified with identifying features from the cutting list. In addition, barcode printing enables easy identification of the profile itself, which is particularly useful for subsequent machining steps on Machining Centres or assisted assembly lines.

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