Copia  384

Manually controlled single head copy router with pneumatic clamping and traverse of the head with indirect lever. Tool rotation speed editable with electronic inverter to allow the machining of steel up to 2 mm, and to improve the quality of milling and tool life. Ability to run through machining of aluminum without turning the workpiece. Scratch-proof. Pneumatic stylus with control on the handle.

Technical data arrow_drop_down
Motor with inverter (kW)
Tool speed (rpm)
1.000 ÷ 10.000
Travel (X-Y-Z) (mm)
380 – 150 – 250
Vice capacity (mm)
200 x 200
Toolholder with gripper
ER 16
Max. tool diameter (mm)
Max. tool length (mm)
Pair of horizontal vices
Pair of vertical vices
Pair of vertical vices on side brackets
Rapid tool change
ISO 30
Adjustable vice jaws
One tooth end-mill (mm)
Ø = 5 - 10
Mill-holder collet complete with lock-nut (mm)
Ø = 5/6 – 9/10
Indirect head translation lever
4-diameter sensor
Ø = 5 - 6 - 8 - 10
Tool speed adjustment potentiometer
Micro-mist lubrication system with water and oil emulsion
Injection lubrication system
Air refrigeration system (temperature reduction of 30°C at 6 bar compared to the inlet air temperature) and lubrication with 1 injection nozzle, for applications with dry machining tools
Laser pointer
Template with standard figures
Right and Left profile-supporting shelves with 4 excludable stops
Central stop that slides along linear guides
Tool holder storage built into the base, holds 4 tools
Head movement along precision linear guides
Stop devices along the travel of axes X, Y, Z, with precision metric rod
Indirect head translation lever
The tool travels along the horizontal plane manually using a lever that minimises the strength required by the operator. The height of the handle is adjustable for a practical and ergonomic use.
Copia 384 Indirect head translation lever Emmegi
Copia 384 Control joystick Emmegi
Control joystick
The lever allows performing the vertical movement of the milling unit. A motor starter button is found on the joystick. The electrospindle has a tool holder with an ISO 30 quick coupling; there are 4 housings on the sides of the machine for 4 toolholders.
Stop devices and roller conveyors
The roller conveyors positioned on the right and left support the machining of the very long profiles. Moreover, a system of manually-regulated stop devices, also on the right and left, allows positioning the workpiece in the machine correctly, taking it to the work area.
Copia 384 Stop devices and roller conveyors Emmegi
Copia 384 Control with inverter Emmegi
Control with inverter
The control panel allows the machine to be activated, the motor to be switched on and the vices to be opened and closed. The presence of the inverter allows the revs of the motor to be changed by means of a potentiometer on the console, thereby making the machine suitable for steel processing. An optional air-cooling system at - 20°C allows stainless steel to be processed up to a thickness of 2 mm.
The machine has manually adjustable pneumatically controlled horizontal vices that guarantee the profile is correctly clamped in the machine. For better profiles clamping when required, a couple of vertical pneumatic vices is available as an optional.
Copia 384 Vices Emmegi

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