Satellite  XLE

CNC 5-axis machining centre with mobile gantry, built for milling, drilling, threading and cutting large bars in aluminium, PVC, light alloys and steel. The mobile part of the machine is composed of a drive gantry on a high precision rack. The (11 kW in S1) electrospindle with HSK-63F toolholder allows performing machining operations, even heavy-duty ones, with optimal results in terms of speed and accuracy. The new local guarding cabin has been designed to offer optimal functionality, accessibility and lighting while fulfilling safety and ergonomics requirements. Large glass windows allow the operator to monitor the machining operations being executed and, thanks to the cabin complete opening system in two separate sections, also an easy access during cleaning and maintenance phases. An 18-place tool magazine is housed inside. The 450 mm blade tool is housed separately inside a dedicated magazine. SATELLITE XLE features new motorised vices that, in double machining mode, position themselves independently and in concurrent operation time to the machining processes of the spindle in the opposite work area. The compact and strong vices can be easily configured without the use of tools for geometric adjustments. The new stops allow full coverage of the work area and disengage the area in case of machining on the profile heads. All CNC axes are absolute and do not require resetting upon machine restart.

Technical data arrow_drop_down
X AXIS (longitudinal) (mm)
7.800 ; 10.500
Y AXIS (transversal) (mm)
Z AXIS (vertical) (mm)
B AXIS (head vertical-horizontal rotation)
-15° ÷ +90°
C AXIS (vertical axis rotation of the head)
-360° ÷ +360°
X AXIS (longitudinal) (m/min)
Y AXIS (transversal) (m/min)
Z AXIS (vertical) (m/min)
Maximum power in S1 (kW)
Maximum speed (rpm)
Maximum torque (Nm)
Toolholder cone
HSK - 63F
18-place tool magazine
Maximum dimension of the tools that can be loaded into the magazine (mm)
Ø = 80 - L = 190
Maximum size of the blade that can be loaded into the magazine (mm)
Ø = 250 - L = 95 ; Ø = 180 - L = 150
Size of blade that can be loaded onto the blade magazine (mm)
Ø = 450 - L = 73
With direct tool (upper face, side faces, heads)
With blade tool Ø 450 mm (upper face, side faces, heads)
1 + 2 + 2
TAPPING CAPACITY (with tap on aluminium and through hole) 
7,800 mm versions; standard number of pneumatic vices
7,800 mm versions; maximum number of pneumatic vices
7,800 mm versions; maximum number of vices per area
10,500 mm versions; maximum number of vices per area
10,500 mm versions; maximum number of pneumatic vices
10,500 mm versions; standard number of pneumatic vices
Maximum workpiece size in Y that can be locked in the standard vice (mm)
Automatic vice positioning through X-axis (static double operation version)
Independent motorised vices (dynamic double operation version)
Double horizontal hold-down device on pneumatic vices
Motorised vices
The vice unit can ensure the correct, safe and fast clamping of large profiles and does not require tools for its geometric adjustments. Each unit slides on linear guides on machine surface. The motorized vices, each equipped with its own motor, can be positioned independently in the work area. In dynamic double operation mode, the CNC simultaneously manages the movement of the vices and of the mobile gantry in the two separate work areas, thus allows significant increases in productivity. Using absolute reference axes allows reducing the initialisation time required every time the machine is restarted.
Satellite XLE Motorised vices Emmegi
Satellite XLE Cabin Emmegi

The local guarding cabin has been designed to offer optimal functionality, accessibility, soundproofing and lighting while fulfilling safety and ergonomics requirements. The innovative and refined design makes the machine unique and unmistakeable. The large glass windows allow the operator to easily and safely control the execution of the machining operations. Cabin internal structure optimises the conveying of swarf and scraps to the base, housing the conveyor belt, thus simplifying the maintenance and cleaning phases on all delicate parts. The exhauster, optionally integrated in the cabin, allows dedicated extraction of machining fumes.

Tool magazine

The 18-place toolholder magazine is installed directly on machine gantry; its rear position, in a dedicated area, ensures maximum protection from machining swarf. The rotary base magazine provides maximum reliability, quiet operation and cycle optimisation. A milling disc with a diameter of 250 mm can be housed in the toolholder magazine. This tool allows, thanks to maximum speed, safety and accuracy, performing compound cuts, straight cuts, end milling and trimming operations.

Satellite XLE Tool magazine Emmegi
Satellite XLE Blade magazine Emmegi
Blade magazine
The blade tool, with a maximum diameter of 450 mm, is housed in a dedicated magazine separate from the other tools. It is equipped with HSK-63F toolholder and can work by exploiting the 5 interpolated axes of the electric head to section the workpiece. By means of a suitable optional software, it allows cutting and separation directly from the unmachined bar.
Cut and separation (Optional)

The optional cut-and-separate feature allows obtaining several machined and separated profiles from a single bar, avoiding the need to cut the different pieces in advance. The large cutting capacity of the blade unit allows separation cuts on large profiles. The machine can be equipped with a label printer to optimise profile management in the following phases.

Satellite XLE Cut and separation Emmegi
Satellite XLE Dimensional profile measurer Emmegi
Dimensional profile measurer (Optional)

The machine can be optionally equipped with an electronic device that automatically corrects workpiece dimensional errors in length, width and height. In this way, the accuracy of the machine is not influenced by the differences between theoretic and actual workpiece dimensions during machining. This device accurately probes the rough workpiece in several positions, correcting the machining along its whole length, even with deformed or warped profiles.

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