Modular bench for assembly and in-line handling of curtain wall frames. It is provided with two roller tracks covered with soft PVC sheathing; the distance between the two tracks is adjustable according to the width of the curtain wall section. A pneumatically operated system allows clamping the rollers during the work phases. The entire bench can be rotated by 360° in order to facilitate the assembly and sealing of the curtain wall; the angular position is clamped pneumatically.

Technical data arrow_drop_down
Roller bench length (mm)
Roller bench min. width (mm)
Max. roller bench width with movable centre support (mm)
Min./max. frame dimension (mm)
500 x 1.000 ; 2.400 x 3.800
Pneumatic roller locking system
Roller bench extendible in width with movable centre support
Height (mm)
940 ÷ 1.000
Air consumption (Nl/min)
Load capacity (kg)
Weight (kg)
The entire bench can rotate 360° around the central structure to facilitate cell assembly and sealing operations. The angular position is locked with pneumatic control, by manual valve.
SPIN BENCH Rotation Emmegi
SPIN BENCH Roller bench Emmegi
Roller bench
Façade cells are supported on 160mm-wide roller rows covered with a soft PVC sheath, thus minimizing the strain on the operator.
Pneumatic control
A pneumatic system controlled by manual valve allows the operator to control the blocking of the rotation of some rollers on each of the two rows; this makes assembly operations on the cell possible.
SPIN BENCH Pneumatic control Emmegi
SPIN BENCH Extension Emmegi
SPIN BENCH can be extended from 1,000 mm to 2,500 mm. Once the position of the rows has been determined, a number of locking handles allow the roller conveyor to be fixed in place, providing great versatility.

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