Classic  Libra

Electronic twin-head cutting-off machine with automatic movement of the head unit using DC motor and pneumatic tilting of the heads outdoors up to 45 ° or 22 ° 30 'depending on the model. Blade 450 and 500 mm. The machine is equipped with electronic meters thickness profile. Available with useful cut of 4,5,6 m in length.

Technical data arrow_drop_down
6" graphic LCD display
Preparation for label printer connection
USB port
RJ45 network card
Presetting for connection with remote PC via USB, network or serial (depending on version)
Perform single cuts
Storage of 99 profile corrective values with measurement automatic calculation for angled cuts
Storage of 20 cutting lists (50 rows each) from keyboard
Storage of 25 cutting lists (100 rows each) via cable from an external PC using a USB
Creation of 100 door/window types (1500 formulas) downloadable to USB
Mobile head position reading with magnetic strip direct measuring system
Cemented carbide blade
Cutting area pneumatically-controlled integral protection
Pair of horizontal and vertical pneumatic vices with "low pressure" device
Profile support roller conveyor
Water spray-mist lubrication system with oil emulsion or minimal diffusion oil spray-mist (depending on version)
Manual profile support
Pre-setting for automatic exhauster start
Electronic profile thickness gauge
Pair of standard counterblocks
Metric ruler
Cutting capacity (mm)
4.000 / 5.000 / 6.000
Blade motor power (kW)
Mobile heads tilting
Rotation of the heads around the horizontal axis is performed via pneumatic cylinders. The angles that can be obtained are from 90° to 45° outside for machines equipped with 450 mm diameter blades. With 500 mm diameter blades, angles from 90° to 22°30' outside can be achieved. Intermediate angles are obtained by means of a special stop that can be manually adjusted. Mobile units are equipped with integral pneumatic drop-down protections of the machining area.
Classic Libra Mobile heads tilting Emmegi
Classic Libra Control Emmegi
The control installed on the various models, designed for ease of use and sliding on bearings, allows correct positioning of the moving heads according to the specifications of the cut to be made. The machining cycle can be optimised by creating cutting lists, thereby reducing scrap and cycle times for workpieces loading-unloading.
Electronic profile thickness gauge
This refined profile thickness control system enables automatic correction of the cutting dimension according to the actual size of the profile, with relative tolerance resulting from surface treatments such as painting, anodising, etc. The device can be used at the operator's discretion and in various modes according to different probing cycles resulting in correction of the entire cutting list, including the macrostructure formula.
Classic Libra Electronic profile thickness gauge Emmegi
Classic Libra Digital viewer for intermediate angles Emmegi
Digital viewer for intermediate angles (Optional)

In the presence of pneumatic tilting of the moving heads, the intermediate angle viewer allows the tilting of the cutting unit to be identified with absolute precision, ensuring the accuracy of the cut profiles. Especially useful in making out-of-square cuts, it allows the operator to quickly and accurately identify the required angle.

Pneumatic intermediate support (Optional)

The pneumatic intermediate support is extremely useful when cutting light profiles of considerable lengths. In this case, the pneumatic support will, automatically, provide the ideal condition to support the profile. This accessory is available for all lengths, but is specifically recommended on machines having 5- and 6-meter useful cuts.

Classic Libra Pneumatic intermediate support Emmegi
Classic Libra Label printer Emmegi
Label printer (Optional)

The industrial label printer allows each cut profile to be identified with identifying features from the cutting list. In addition, barcode printing enables easy identification of the profile itself, which is particularly useful for subsequent machining steps on Machining Centres or assisted assembly lines.

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