4-axis CNC machining centre with moving gantry structure. Designed for drilling, milling, thread cutting and cutting at angle any from 0° to 180° on bars or workpieces of aluminium, PVC, light alloys in general and steel. The moving part of the machine consists of a gantry with precision rack and pinion drive. The high power 7,5 kW electrically-driven spindle with HSK-63F tool holder allows machining operations, including heavy-duty work, with optimum results in terms of speed and accuracy. A 9-place tool magazine is installed behind the moving gantry structure. The machine can be used in double mode so as to minimize machine downtime, as it is possible to change the workpiece (load/unload) and the automatic setting of the vices in “concealed” time. It is also possible to load and consequently machine different workpieces and to perform different machining operations between the two work areas. The gantry is provided with a guard which, besides protecting the operator, also reduces the noise impact on the environment.

Technical data arrow_drop_down
X AXIS (longitudinal) (mm)
7.690 ; 10.000
Y AXIS (transversal) (mm)
Z AXIS (vertical) (mm)
A AXIS (electrospindle rotation)
0° ÷ 180°
X AXIS (longitudinal) (m/min)
Y AXIS (transversal) (m/min)
Z AXIS (vertical) (m/min)
A AXIS (electrospindle rotation) (°/min)
Maximum power in S1 (kW)
Maximum speed (rpm)
Maximum torque (Nm)
Toolholder cone
HSK - 63F
Air cooling with electric fan
Electrospindle prepared for Flow Drill
Number of tools in the standard magazine
Number of tools in the optional magazine
Maximum dimension of the tools that can be loaded into the magazine (mm)
Ø = 63 - L = 180
Blade slot in the magazine
Maximum size of the blade that can be loaded into the magazine (mm)
Ø = 250
Maximum number of angular heads that can be inserted in the standard tool magazine
Maximum number of angular heads that can be inserted into the optional tool magazine
With direct tool (upper face and side faces)
With angular head (top face, side faces, heads, bottom face) (requires special locking equipment)
1 + 2 + 2 (+ 1)
With blade tool Ø 250 mm (upper face, side faces, heads)
1 + 2 + 2
TAPPING CAPACITY (with tap on aluminium and through hole) 
With compensator
Stiff (optional)
Standard number of vices
Maximum number of vices
Automatic vice positioning through X axis (Diamant)
Automatic vice positioning through H and P axes (Diamant/D)
Disengagement system for vices positioning (Diamant/D)
Maximum number of vices per area
Double horizontal hold-down device on vices for machining two profiles in parallel
Lifting rollers on vices
Double operation mode
Work system that allows reducing machine stand-still times to a minimum during the loading and unloading of the workpieces. The system enables the loading and subsequent machining of different codes and processes, between the two work areas. This solution makes the machine very advantageous in many sectors of use.
Diamant Double operation mode Emmegi
Diamant Automatic vice positioning Emmegi
Automatic vice positioning
The machine software can calculate the correct positioning measure for each vice unit, according to the length of the workpiece and to the type of machining to be performed. The automatic vice positioning system performs the positioning of each vice assembly at the highest speed and with great precision and spares longer time and collision risks, so that the machine can also be easily used by less experienced operators.
Tool magazine

The tool magazine is large and quick and is installed directly on the machine's carriage. Its lateral position, together with an exclusive housing, guarantees maximum protection of the toolholder cones from swarfs and accidental knocks. The magazine can contain up to 9 (8 + 250 mm blade) toolholders with relevant tools, which can be set at the operator’s discretion. Each position of the toolholder is provided with a sensor detecting the correct toolholder cone position.

Diamant Tool magazine Emmegi
Diamant Vices Emmegi
Well-dimensioned vice assembly, capable of guaranteeing the correct clamping of even large aluminium profiles. Each vice unit is equipped with a pneumatic table translation device that facilitates workpiece loading and unloading operations and significantly increases the machinable section.
Double hold-down device on pneumatic vice (Optional)

By exploiting the wide Y work area, the machine can be equipped to position, refer and clamp two profiles in parallel in the vices, working both profiles in a single cycle and thus allowing a very significant reduction in the machining time. Performing drilling and milling machining in the inner faces using angle machining head requires feasibility check.

Diamant Double hold-down device on pneumatic vice Emmegi
Diamant Dimensional profile measurer Emmegi
Dimensional profile measurer (Optional)

The machine can be optionally equipped with an electronic device that automatically corrects workpiece dimensional errors in length, width and height. In this way, the accuracy of the machine is not influenced by the differences between theoretic and actual workpiece dimensions during machining. This device accurately probes the rough workpiece in several positions, correcting the machining along its whole length, even with deformed or warped profiles.

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