Norma  Vis

Double-head cutting-off machine with manual movement of the mobile head with digital quota visualizer (Norma Vis). Manual rotation (45° left and right) and tilting (45° in relation to the horizontal axis) of the cutting units. 400 mmblade Available with a useful cut of 4 m or 5 m in length.

Technical data arrow_drop_down
LCD value display
Perform single cuts
Storage of 99 profile corrective values with measurement automatic calculation for angled cuts
Storage of 10 cutting lists (50 rows each) from keyboard
Mobile head position reading with magnetic strip direct measuring system
Cemented carbide blade
Self-braking motor
Brake intervention time (s)
Cut-off area mechanically-controlled local protection
Pair of horizontal and vertical pneumatic vices with "low pressure" device
Micro-mist lubrication system with water and oil emulsion
Manual profile support
Pre-setting for automatic exhauster start
Metric ruler
Cutting capacity (mm)
4.000 / 5.000
Blade motor power (kW)
Mobile heads rotation
Two cutting units, mounted on relevant carriages, consist of a blade-holder assembly that can be positioned with respect to the profile support square at 45° LH, 90°, 45° RH and at intermediate angles.
Norma Vis Mobile heads rotation Emmegi
Norma Vis Mobile unit positioning Emmegi
Mobile unit positioning
Positioning of the mobile unit is done manually by turning the handling handwheel, and position detection is done by the direct measuring system with magnetic strip.
Push-button panel
The push-button panel installed in the various models, sliding on bearings, facilitates the use of the machine as it allows it to be positioned close to the cutting unit.
Norma Vis Push-button panel Emmegi
Norma Vis X axis digital viewer  Emmegi
X axis digital viewer
The positioning dimension of the moving head along the X-axis is displayed electronically by digital display, which provides an immediate readout of the set length and ensures accuracy in the cutting phase.

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