Twin  Ferro

Twin-head cutting-off machine with automatic traverse of the moving head on recirculating ball guides, designed for cutting iron and stainless steel profiles. With its powerful and precise brushless motor, the machine is capable of setting the angular positions of both cutting heads at - 45° / 0° / + 45° in addition to all the angular settings about the vertical axis, with an accuracy on each degree of 240 positions. Traverse of the movable cutting head is automatic and electronically controlled, while it runs on slideways and roller packs such as to ensure the utmost accuracy and rigidity of the machine. Thanks to the increased range of the cutting angle, the movable cutting head can be used as an automatic positioning unit, thereby offering the possibility of machining particularly short workpieces. 350 mm-blade. Available with a useful cut of 5.2 m in length.

Technical data arrow_drop_down
Electronic control of the X axis
X axis positioning speed (m/min)
Blade diameter in HSS (mm)
Maximum external inclination
Maximum internal inclination
Push automatic cut with variable angles and lengths
Max. machinable length (mm)
Minimum cutting length at 90°/45° with EXTRA software (mm)
Ability to cut with blade at 45° (by using specific counterblocks) (mm)
95 x 110
Electronic profile thickness gauge
Two-pole blade motor
Two-pole blade motor power (kW)
0,75 - 1,4
Blade rotation speed with two-pole blade motor (rpm)
17 - 34
Two-pole blade motor cutting speed (m/s)
0,3 - 0,6
Brushless blade motor + drive
Brushless blade motor power (kW)
Blade rotation speed with brushless blade motor (rpm)
15 ÷ 85
Brushless blade motor cutting speed (m/s)
0,3 ÷ 1,6
Blade lubrication system with minimum quantity oil lubrication
Continuous water lubrication system
Vertical vices
Horizontal vices
Roller conveyors
"Windows" compatible industrial computer
Presetting for connection with remote PC via USB, network or serial (depending on version)
Execution of cyclic cuts from cutting lists and macros
Storage of 500 profile corrective values with measurement automatic calculation for angled cuts
Storage of 500 cutting lists (1,000 rows each) from keyboard
Bar optimisation
Mobile heads tilting
Servomotors with encoders provide the tilting of the mobile units, and the relevant positioning is electronically managed and parameterised by the control, which features a simple and intuitive operator interface. Mobile units are equipped with integral pneumatic drop-down protections of the machining area.
Twin Ferro Mobile heads tilting Emmegi
Twin Ferro Profile support roller conveyor Emmegi
Profile support roller conveyor
Enables correct positioning in the machine and secure support of the profile in the machining area. Slide rollers make profile handling operations easier.
Horizontal and vertical vices
The machine has pneumatically-controlled horizontal and vertical vices with low pressure device and adjustable terminal, which assure the correct blocking of the profile in the machine.
Twin Ferro Horizontal and vertical vices Emmegi
Twin Ferro Control Emmegi

The user-friendly control panel installed on the various models, runs on bearings and allows correct positioning according to cutting specifications. The work cycle is optimized through creation of the cutting lists thus reducing scrap as well as workpiece loading/unloading times.

Printer preparation (Optional)

The machine is prepared for the installation of a printer that can be selected from compatible models. The set-up includes software enabling for the label printing function, mechanical support elements for positioning on the machine, wiring and preparation for electrical connection, and a folding cover to protect the printer from shocks and possible entry of swarfs. The mechanical set-up for installation may vary according to the machine models.

Twin Ferro Printer preparation Emmegi
Twin Ferro Label printer Emmegi
Label printer (Optional)

The industrial label printer allows each cut profile to be identified with identifying features from the cutting list. In addition, barcode printing enables easy identification of the profile itself, which is particularly useful for subsequent machining steps on Machining Centres or assisted assembly lines.

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